The Best Online Shopping Sites Singapore in 2020

New year, new wardrobe, anyone? Online blogshops in Singapore are no longer a new phenomenon. In fact, they’re fast becoming the go-to option for women not just as a way to support local fashion brands but also to get some (much needed) retail therapy. In line with almost every trend you can think of (nothing is too askew, we promise), you will have something for everyone, and then some. Online clothes shopping is the island’s flea market interpretation and we’re not mad. In fact, Singapore’s local e-commerce industry has so far garnered over $5 billion in revenue in 2019 and there are still four months left of the year. Ranging from stores carrying exclusive limited-pieces designs to budget-friendly must-haves, support local with our pick of the best online shopping sites Singapore 2020.

best online blogshops singapore
Source: Love, Bonito

We couldn’t possibly come up with a list of the best blogshops in Singapore without mentioning Love, Bonito. Started seven years ago, this blogshop offers women stylish workwear and an array of fashion-forward styles. Although the price bracket runs a little over other budget-friendly online stores, the quality mirrors high-end stores. From wardrobe staples to occasion-specific outfits, each piece is stitched to compliment the Asian silhouette. If you need any more convincing, Love, Bonito was also featured on the runway during Singapore’s Fashion Week. May we also add that it was the first blogshop to grace the infamous show? If you’re a first-time shopper and a little hesitant, Love Bonito has a physical store, so you can test out a few pieces before you move to online shopping. 

best online blogshops singapore
Source: Dressabelle

Imagine every possible dress combination. Pastels and floral, edgy and minimalist, a classic LBD or just about anything else, you can find on Dressabelle. The brand also caters to everyone, whether you’re curvy or thin, tall or short, there’s a collection waiting just for you. If you’re not looking for a dress, feel free to browse the myriad of other options from workwear to casual outfits. You can go up a notch and even shop for bridesmaid dresses, too. Here’s a bonus: if it doesn’t fit perfectly, feel free to make use of their alteration services. If you’re looking for the cherry on top, Dressabelle is currently running their annual NDP sale. Whether you’re Team White or Team Red, there’s something for everyone to celebrate all the great events on National Parade Day 2019. 

best online blogshops singapore
Source: Fayth

Modern, chic, stylish and all the glory of pastel hues, Fayth caters to the young Singaporean woman. All of Fayth’s designs are sketched in-house and stitched with fabrics procured from around the world. Fayth doesn’t joke around with their clothes, and you’ll be assured of the quality of the products you receive. With bright shades of colour and statement pieces, find your next wardrobe find at Fayth. It doesn’t end there, Fayth features an adorable Mommy & Me collection of wardrobe pairings for you and your daughter. #InstagramMum, anyone?

best online blogshops singapore
Source: OHVOLA

If you’re after a no-fuss shopping experience catered for the working woman, you’ve hit jackpot. OHVOLA will get you poised and perfect for any occasion. Started by two sisters in 2007, OHVOLA celebrates every woman. If you’re after clean lines and minimalist elegance or a statement jumpsuit to take you from the boardroom to the club, OHVOLA has everything you’re looking for. Although on the higher end, every piece is designed with the discerning woman in mind. But don’t let the price steer you away from this store. Casual dresses are priced as low as S$18 and their regular range falls in the S$25-S$80 price bracket. Their exclusive collection, Keepsakes by OHVOLA features sartorial elegance of luxuriously timeless pieces. They are exactly what they’re titled as, outfits for keepsake moments.

best online blogshops singapore
Source: The Closet Lover

TCL started with a goal to bring affordable fashion to Singaporean women, the label has grown to tremendous degrees. TCL has a customer-centric approach with each piece self-manufactured. The label carries more than clothes and extends to accessories and shoes, as well. The brand also features a sense of novelty with unique woven bags, totes, and themed edits. Currently, TCL is featuring a restock of the design collab with blogger Drea Chong with cotton comforts and classy lines. If you want something with a bit more oomph, TCL has a range of other edits such as Floral Finesse, Contemporary Flaire for a marriage of casual and elegance and Fresh Elements for a little pizzazz to your wardrobe. 

best online blogshops singapore
Source: All Would Envy

Bold, colourful, loud and fun. Sounds like you? All Would Envy will your jam, we promise. Designed for the chic woman, pieces featured on All Would Envy are trendy, timeless and perfect for just about any occasion. Looking for something formal? They’ve got trench-dresses and jumpsuits for your picking. Something a little casual? Check out their collection of cotton midi skirts and linen tops. The vision behind All Would Envy is to encourage every woman through their wardrobe choices and give courage. All Would Envy is not about fitting a mould but rather design outfits that’ll have you stand out, and aptly where all would envy.

best online blogshops singapore
Source: MDS Collection

If you’re into the fast and contemporary styles from brands like Forever21 and H&M, support local efforts and check out MDS. MDS pushes around 600 designs a month, so you’ll be fresh as. With over 20 physical stores, their online presence parallels the experience and quality of the physical store, as well. The pricing falls towards the mid-range bracket but their unique subscription plans can more than help with that. Currently, MDS has three plans: Solo, Duo and Ensemble. The Solo plan gives you one credit which entitles you to select one item of clothing a month no matter the price (exclusions apply within the premium collection). The Duo plan gives you credit to purchase two pieces of your choice and the Ensemble plan follows suit with four pieces every month. On top of this, anyone subscribing to the plan gets 20% off any purchase they make, online or in-store. Don’t fret, if nothing seems to catch your eye, your credits roll over to the next month and you can grab twice as much. 

best online blogshops singapore
Source: Young Hungry Free

Calling all risk-takers and rule-breakers. For everyone with a rebellious alter-ego or if that’s just your go-to style, YHF will serve you up and then some. Young isn’t literal over here. Young is a representation of youth and limitless attitude. Bold prints, ‘90’s style, edgy cuts and a whole lot of sass – that’s what you’ll get at YHF. Tent dresses, cargo pants, platform boots and sexy lingerie; if these are calling your name, you won’t have to look anywhere else.

best online blogshops singapore
Source: A for Arcade

This online blogshop is a no-fuss option for both men and women. A for Arcade is one of the few online stores in Singapore that caters to both sexes. The store carries a comprehensive line of apparel, accessories, bags and even some snazzy looking suits for guys, too! If you’re looking for casual dresses and tops, it’s A for absolutely. On the flip side, if you’re looking for something a little more groomed, the store offers clean cut outfits and dress shirts for men for a steal of a price.

best online blogshops singapore
Source: Modparade

Although last on our list, it is in no way the least. If you’re looking for something a little free-spirited, fresh and bold, try your luck at Modparade. There’s nothing generic about this brand. Popsicle colours meet loud colours in their collection of tops, pants, dresses, shoes, bags and more. 

Singapore’s e-commerce is bustling with throngs of online stores. Although you can’t go wrong with some classic household names, fashion-forward Singaporeans are creating a love-local culture. From bold corporate women looking for clean lines to no-cookie-cutter style outfits, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Save time and enjoy shopping for every trend that sets your fashion-self on fire with these online stores. This list is, in no means, complete, but if you’re looking for inspo, we’ve got you a starting point for some of the best online shopping Singapore.

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