NDP Singapore 2019 is tomorrow (yikes!) and if you’re like half the population (or even more), you may have procrastinated on figuring out how to occupy yourself during the long weekend (yes, Monday is a holiday, too!). This year, Singapore celebrates its nationalism with the theme of “Our Singapore” – a nod to the story of the people, the dreams and the struggles and achievements of the nation. This year marks 200 years of modern Singapore and don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate! Although the island has gone up in arms in NDP shopping sales, fireworks, holiday deals, special menus at restaurants and everything in between, fear not. If you’re looking to grab a stellar view of the NDP fireworks or find something to do over the weekend, we’ve got you covered with our pick of the best last-minute plans for the whole family!

1. The 2019 NDP Parade

If you can make it, we highly recommend finding a spot to watch the NDP 2019 parade. This year features six acts and they’re each impressive on its own. Think: military marches, aerial displays and a plethora of colourful performances that will be stunning as the cultural beauty of the island. Stay in the comfort of your own home and watch the impressive performance at home.

2. The NDP 2019 Fireworks

You can be two or 80 years old and we’ll hazard a guess and say, no one grows tired of watching iridescent fireworks colour the night sky. Given the bicentennial celebrations coming up tomorrow, the fireworks will be just as spectacular and grand. The obvious location to catch a great view of the fireworks is Marina Bay Sands but if you want to go off the grid and grab a much less crowded view try your luck at some of these places:

  • Funan Mall: Head up to the seventh floor for an uninterrupted view of the fireworks
  • Benjamin Sheares Bridge: Skip the bay area but not the view
  • Victoria theatre: You’ll be so close to the celebration you’ll almost feel as if you’re there yourself. Because of its proximity, go a little early so you can grab a good spot
  • High Street Car Park: Yes, a carpark. This year, the fireworks will be the backdrop to the stunning Parliament House. That also means, your views will be breathtaking
  • Block 15: On Farrer park road, if you don’t mind the distance, find yourself a good spot here for a view. Although you’ll experience the spectacle from afar, the experience won’t be any less exciting. 

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3. Support Local

If you’re all about embracing the love of culture, head down to the I Am Citizen event at the former St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital. Shop around for trinkets and artsy crafts designed by local artists and creatives. Apart from arts and crafts, enjoy performances, as well.

4. A family Affair at the National Museum Singapore

If you’ve got little ones in tow, head to the National Museum for a day of fun-filled activities. From colouring activities (and competitions) to scavenger hunts and art installations that will have everyone in awe, make a trip to the museum for a great day out.

5. Dance, Dance, Revolution

If you’re looking for some after-five activity, head to the Golden Mile Tower for some snazzy DJ spins and rounds of dancing. Cool off with some chill drinks and gelato. If you can wait till dawn, don’t miss the fireworks.

6. Feast On

Of course, it shouldn’t be a surprise that restaurants would carry a special NDP menu. From local favourites to fusions, you’ll find something for everyone. If you’re looking to appease your appetite, why not try a few of our favorites this year?

  • Poolside Patio: Take yourself on a journey of Asian flavors at the NDP themed barbeque at Poolside Patio. From classic Singaporean chili crab to Hainanese chicken rice to something a little more decadent such as melon gazpachos and brie and ham combos, enjoy it all while you watch the fireworks. If you can’t make it on the 9th, they offer the same service on the 10th, as well.
  • NDP Buffet at the Edge: If you’re in the mood to go big or go home, go big with the national day buffet at the Edge. Located at the Pan Pacific, it is on the pricier side but you won’t regret the indulgence. Feast on local dishes that made the island popular and stay close to your roots all the way to the desserts and finish off with a hefty serving of milo cake and/or pulut hitam cake entremet just to name a few.
  • Carousel, Royal Plaza: enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the carousel with their tantalizing options from all-time favourites to a few international delights. Check out the details here.

7. Healthy on National Day

If you’re not one to skip a workout even over the celebratory weekend, why don’t you workout to the theme of the national holiday? The Singapore Sports Hub will put together a workout for the whole family. From family bonding activities to challenges and group workouts such as cardio dance sessions and even obstacle courses. If working up a sweat sounds like your kind of thing, look no further.

8. No NDP Tickets? Don’t sweat

If you couldn’t grab those NDP 2019 tickets, don’t fret. Head to Gardens by the Bay to enjoy grand performances from local superstars and even some comedy segments. Head to the food trucks to grab something to munch on while you partake in activities for the whole family. 

The 2019 Singapore NDP is one for the books with the island celebrating 200 years of Modern Singapore. Although the weekend will be full to the brim with fun-filled activities, we should take the time to show gratitude to those who came before us and those who will come after us. We are the pioneers of the future and sustaining the culture, symbolism and pride of Singapore is one to cherish. With that being said, even if you’re a last minute planner and do-er like the rest of us, take some time off this weekend with the plethora of activity around you. Whether that be just watching the fireworks on a rooftop, dancing till dawn or feasting on some of Singapore’s finest, enjoy the long weekend and the richness of Singapore.