HIIT classes in Singapore are rising in popularity and they’re here to stay. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you may have heard of these infamous (and slightly torturous) high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. It’s a fusion of fast paced cardio with some resistance training all rolled into one intense workout. Whether that’s F45 training or HIIT exercises, you’ll feel the burn. These full body workouts are quick and short but certainly leave you gasping for air. As the new year comes upon us, our fitness goals kick into gear, as well. If you’ve started your 2020 with some #NewYearNeMe goals, fitness may be one of them. In saying that, circuit training in Singapore has become a household style of classes across many gyms and studios. Whether it be programs like intense spin cycle gym classes to working out on a surfboard find yourself a fitness gym and it’ll give you the weak-in-the-knees feelings but none of the regrets.

What is a HIIT Workout?

HIIT workouts are high calorie burning sessions that are either bodyweight circuits or classes with free weights, spin bikes, TRX straps, bosu balls, rowing machines, pull up bar and the lot. This type of cardio and functional training is not aimed at attaining a personal best but rather performing the most number of reps in the given time period with good form. HIIT studios in Singapore are offering variations of this style of workout and regulars will tell you that it is not repetitive. Each workout is usually themed to focus on a certain group of muscles, so you’ll be engaging your entire body across various workouts in gym classes in Singapore.

HIIT training is also a solution for many a fitness excuse. Got no time? It’s only ranges from 20 minutes to an hour at most. Want to try something like crossfit but feeling too intimidated? HIIT is a less scary but nonetheless intense workout. Not a fan of heavy weight lifting? It’s a class-style structure of cardio and resistance and you won’t be the only one convinced that the 10-20-second rest periods are actually just two seconds long.

HIIT workouts have expanded to more complex sessions. So, if you want to try it out first hand, check out our 2020 list of the best HIIT studios and gyms in Singapore.

Ritual Gym Singapore
Photo Credit: Ritual Gym Singapore

The real OG HIIT studio in Singapore, Ritual Gym is at the heart of Singapore’s CBD. They’ve crafted the perfect sweaty workout for anyone crunched for time. The workouts last only 20 minutes and even better, you can zip in and out empty handed. That’s right, you don’t have to bring your own gym towel or even workout clothes. They provide everything so you can get back into your busy bee life in under 30 minutes. Ritual Gym Singapore takes on a whole new definition to snap fitness. Ritual Gym is open from 6:30AM to 9PM every weekday so whether it be before your first coffee, during your lunch break or if you simply want to avoid the evening office traffic, there’s a time slot available for you.

Barry's Bootcamp Singapore
Photo Credit: Barry's Bootcamp Singapore

Made popular by A-list celebrities, premier league footballers and every other famous person, this US-based HIIT class considers itself the starter of the HIIT trend. Barry’s Bootcamp Singapore made its way to the island just this May. The Raffles Place fitness studio is the exact replica of popular LA-based studio (yes, even down to the infamous Red Room) and they boast a workout that’ll burn up to 1,000 calories a session! Get a workout that’ll incorporate cardio, resistance and conditional training into one ass-kicking session.

Absolute Cycle Singapore
Absolute Cycle Singapore

If you think steady-state cardio was boring, let Absolute Cycle change that misconception. This spin-class studio will burn through that sinful lunch and then some. With handpicked beats, you’ll be cycling your way to a healthy lifestyle. Their workouts last 45-minutes long and you’ll find yourself burning up to 800 calories. Don’t worry – these classes aren’t just cardio. The trainers incorporate weights (yes, whilst on the bike) to get your biceps and triceps firing.

F45 Holland Village Singapore
Photo Credit: F45 Holland Village Singapore

The Aussie’s certainly know a thing or two about fitness because F45, an Australian originated workout style has taken the world by storm and Singapore is no different. F45 is a 45-minute long functional training programme with studios dotted across the island. F45 training has 36 workout programmes (yes, 36!). Ranging from just cardio-based training to agility and flexibility workouts, they’re all geared to get your heart pumping. Build muscle, lose fat and feel better than ever. The official F45 page boasts double digit locations across Singapore with new ones added every so often. Check out the official Singapore F45 class website to find the closest F45 gym in Singapore.

The Jungle MMA Fitness Singapore
Photo Credit: The Jungle MMA Fitness Singapore

Smack dead in the middle of Singapore’s concrete jungle, The Jungle offers HIIT classes with a martial arts and MMA twist. The studio offers three types of HIIT classes: Jungle HIIT, kickboxing HIIT and personal training. Earning the title as the gym offering the most varied HIIT workouts in Singapore, you’ll be sure to get a sweat in (and some anger management therapy). Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a cirque-du-soleil-esque fit gym-goer because the Jungle caters to every fitness level. Grab yourself a towel, some motivation and get in a sweat-drenching kick boxing style workout.

Photo Credit: Haus Athletics Singapore

Singapore has a new kid on the block and it’s none other than Haus Autheltics. A marriage between an uber cool boutique gym and a snazzy dim-lit club, Haus Athletics Singapore focuses on sports with a conditional style training. Their classes hone in on primal human movements. They offer three varieties of classes: Lean Out, Meltdown and Kore. Lean Out focuses on total body HIIT workout whilst Meltdown is a HIIT cardio based workout and lastly Kore is a core-focused workout. No matter your pick, it’ll get your body fired up.

WeBarre Fitness Singapore
Photo Credit: WeBarre Fitness Singapore

If you thought ballet was graceful, well, it is, but it’s also intense. WeBarre incorporates barre movements and bodyweight exercises into a 45-minute long workout. If you’re skittish about the barre component, don’t be. The workouts also involve free weights and kettlebells to give you a whole new definition to burn, baby, burn. You can also opt for an hour long class that marries the best of ballet, pilates, yoga and strength training into one intense and dynamic workout.

OrangeTheory Fitness Singapore
Photo Credit: OrangeTheory Fitness Singapore

This fitness trend is here to stay with OrangeTheory’s intense heart-rate focused classes. Don’t go orange with envy because you, too, can join these classes. These classes, backed by sports science, works you at Zone 4: at 84-91% of your heart rate. This stage is the optimal heart rate to boost your metabolism and increase energy output levels. OrangeTheory classes in Singapore are catered to the busy executives with classes running in the early hours, lunch-break times and after-work sessions.

Surfset Fitness Singapore
Photo Credit: Surfset Fitness Singapore

If you think you’ve tried all the HIIT styles out there, let’s break that streak for you. Surfset offers HIIT classes on surfboards. Yes, that’s right: surfboards. Inspired by the athleticism and agility of surfers, Surfset holds 45-minute long HIIT classes combining all fat-burning, lean muscle building styles into one core engaging workout. Their classes are unique in that their focus is on the core muscles – a band of muscles around your abdomen that give you control and balance. Grab your surfboard, and get sweaty!

Still Group Fitness Singapore
Photo Credit: Still Group Fitness Singapore

At Still Singapore, their 30/30 class is an hour long workout broken down into a 30-minute intense HIIT workout followed by a 30-minute yoga cool down session. But if you’re not feeling like a HIIT workout, punch your way to a rhythmic beat until you feel like your arms give out at the Boxing classes in Singapore’s Still. Regardless of which class you pick, you’ll be sure to fire up every part of your body and hike up that calorie expenditure. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their Hip Hop Yoga – a revolutionary blend of fast-paced choreographed yoga.

HIIT workouts are quickly becoming more popular than your boring LISS (low-intensity steady state) cardio. Gone are the days where you people-watch whilst trudging on a window-facing treadmill. If classic HIIT isn’t for you, Singapore HIIT gyms offer a variation ranging from a yoga blend to spin classes and a surfer-style session. Pick your poison, because all of them will fire up your metabolism and get you sweating in no time.

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