Whether you’re after a decadent slice of cake or something a little more close to home like a serving of ondeh ondeh, Singapore has done well to satiate every sweet craving. With cafes, restaurants and exclusive dessert spots popping up across the island, life is a cakewalk around here. It’s quite impossible to say no to a sinful good-for-the-soul type of ending to a meal or even a 3 PM peckish munch with our selection of Singapore’s best dessert spots. 2020 is a new decade and by the same token, it’s a new year to discover some delicious treats. We all have health goals as the new year shines but moderation is key and that includes something a little sweet, too.

There’s always room for dessert, especially when it takes you on a journey of flavours – whether that’s classic chocolate or pandan (maybe even chocolate and pandan flavoured cake?!).  No matter if you’re craving something hot, cold, soupy, dry or just about anything else, here’s our pick of the top dessert places in Singapore for 2020.

Pro-tip: be ready to make a dash to the nearest place after you get through reading this article.

best desserts in singapore
Photo Credit: Chocolate Origin

If you’re looking to satisfy your insatiable chocolate craving, we’ve got one answer: Chocolate Origin. This place has been around for a while and incessantly reviewed, but it makes it to our list because there’s no such thing as too much chocolate. In fact, we can’t get enough of Chocolate Origin because they’re just. That. good. Why? They have just two cakes on the menu – the original and the dark. But they know chocolate like no other – why else would they be in business with only two main things on the menu?! Of course, they also have the lava cups, artisan lattes and chocolate gelato, but we’re here for the cakes. Our favourite is the dark chocolate cake: the right amount of bitterness married with moist layers of decadent chocolate cake. 

best desserts in singapore
Photo Credit: Antoinette

Although this cafe takes a little while to get to, it’s worth it. Antoinette brings to Singapore all the gluttonous satisfaction of french cuisine: from cakes to pastries. Albeit sounding a little left of centre for a Chinese chef to be trained in French cuisine, don’t let your preconceived notions get the best of you. Aside from the savoury, Antoinette serves up cakes and petit sweets, as well. Whole cakes include options like the Bananier – a rum, caramel and banana flambe dark chocolate mousse or the Earl Grey Bubble Tea – a chiffon cake with salted cream cheese icing and fresh mango. You can also find the retail sized versions of these alongside a whole array of other options. 

best desserts in singapore
Photo Credit: Butter Studio

If you walk into a bakery/cafe named Butter Studio, you might as well throw that diet mindset out the window (for the n-th time probably, too) because you’re getting all the good and not the diet-friendly type, either.  Butter Studio is a halal bakery promising sweet treats that remind you of the decadence and love of home-baked goodness. From gourmet cupcakes to butter loaf and artisanal cakes, they’ve got the whole nine yards. Our favourites are the pandan cake, salted gula Melaka cupcake and classics like the red velvet and cookie butter tart. Butter Studio is also known for catering events, weddings and hosting workshops, as well. 

best desserts in singapore
Photo Credit: Sugar Thieves

Not only are their desserts insta-worthy, but they taste just as good. Specialising in mousse cakes and pastries, Sugar Thieves presents desserts that taste ambrosial. The owner loves to experiment and the menu makes that very evident. We recommend the Houjicha croissant and the strawberry watermelon cake. Sugar Thieves occupy a small retail space but their desserts speak loud. They’ve also got some great coffee to pair with your pastries and desserts. If you aren’t feeling very sweet, try the savoury options on the menu such as the kimchi quiche – which is just as delectable and a great precursor to something sweeter. 

best desserts in singapore
Photo Credit: Cake Spade

They stay true to their slogan: the daily cake store. Why? Because they have every type of cake-y dessert on the table. From sliced cakes to whole cakes to cupcakes and other cake variations, they’ve got it all. Follow the sweet trail to Tanjong Pagar Rd where you’ll find the quaint bakery/cafe. Try their famous spiced carrot cake, the hummingbird (our favourite), the oreo cookie tart or go a little obscure and grab their very over the top milkshakes. Their cake shakes are massive in size and taste. If you’re looking for a piece de resistance for a party or event, Cake Spade can outdo any cake idea you have in mind with their custom cake options. 

best desserts in singapore
Photo Credit: Plain Vanilla Bakery

This bakery made an appearance in our Singapore’s best cafe guide and it’s reappearing on our list of the best dessert spots in Singapore because it’s just that good. Plain Vanilla is known for delectable cupcakes with a plethora of flavours. From classic red velvet to Nutella doused cupcakes and Earl Grey lavender, there’s an option for everyone. 

best desserts in singapore
Photo Credit: Non Entree Dessert Cafe

NED is home to colourfully wacky desserts that confuse your brain. Their focus: make their dessert look like entrees. So, when you order the Singapore Breakfast off the menu, be prepared to see a soft boiled egg with a side of toast but only to actually have the egg be an oval-shaped coconut panna cotta with a chocolate coating and the toast to be a kaya parfait sandwiched between two slices of bread. To make things even more interesting, the bak chor mee on the menu has nothing to do with your traditional minced pork noodle dish. Instead, you’re served mango ‘noodles’ with coconut crumble and a raspberry reduction. It’s definitely something to write home about and experience with some great company. 

Singapore has a lot more than these eight places we’ve listed. The options are endless and sure to please almost any picky sweet tooth. Whether you’re craving for an OTT cake shake or something a little simpler like a good ol’ plain Jane vanilla cupcake, the mentionings above will have you satisfied and then some.