Self-care looks different for everyone. Some prefer to swear it out at an F45 class whilst others prefer to indulge in a deep-tissue massage or even go on a yoga retreat. Regardless of how we relax, the gift that keeps on giving is our ability to carve out time for self-care. In an age of over-worked employees, high-stakes jobs and mental stresses, no one is excluded from an hour, day or even a week to take care of themselves. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, here’s a curated list of some of the best self-care gifts. Ranging from the athlete within us to anyone who loves a good body-care buy, we’ve got you covered. 


1. The all-in-one Bali Luxury Retreat: Yoga, meditation, surf and massage

We aren’t going to beat around the bush with this one. Investing in an all-in-one retreat is indulgent and it tops our list because it’s certainly money worth spending. Experience a luxurious wellness journey like no other with an all-encompassing vacation. 

Our top pick for a wellness retreat is Escape Haven because you can curate and customise the best luxury womens retreat. Choose from a surf, yoga, meditative and healing, ayurvedic or fitness based wellness retreat that will leave you glowing. As the most awarded Bali yoga retreat, you can’t go wrong with Escape Haven. Trust us when we say that one week is all you need for a complete transformation of the mind and body. The retreat pays homage with the cuisine and accommodation respecting the rich heritage of the area. Escape Haven is the largest and most luxurious property in Bali with individual and group packages to bring along a mother, sister, a friend or anyone you wish to enjoy the experience with.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, the Palm Tree House is also a luxury Bali retreat. As a top womens retreat Bali, choose from a number of packages ranging from a fitness retreat Bali or a general Bali health retreat.

luxury bali retreat

2. Get Fit

Although the thought of getting in a sweaty workout seems like the last thing on someone’s list of things to do to relax, it’s the very opposite for some. Getting a good workout in, whether it be strength training or something more endurance based, can release endorphins that will uplift your mood in a matter of minutes. If you’re willing to push yourself, adding challenging accessories can make a vast difference not just in your gains but calorie burn. Resistance bands have been an MVP in most women’s workouts. We are talking about the very bands that brought fame to the hashtag #BootyGainz. If you’re looking for booty bands, the Peach Builder is our top resistance band pick. These resistance bands NZ will activate your glutes and add an extra challenge to those squats, lunges and deadlifts.


3. Retail Therapy

There’s no shame in acknowledging the satisfaction in indulging in some retail therapy. From clothes to shoes to makeup and accessories, we sometimes fall victim to the shine of new things. So, if you’re looking to indulge, why not spend your penny on ethically sourced and sustainably manufactured accessories? Vash is a brand of accessories made out of luxe leather and hides. They are locally designed and handcrafted with uniqueness like no other. The Vash clutch and cowhide bags are their signature accessories marrying effortless style with natural materials. Whether you’re interested in the pony hair clutch or feather clutch bag, they are all made out of the by-product of our economic food industry. Know your purchase isn’t contributing to any environmental pollution and degradation with your purchase from Vash. 


4. Natural Beauty Care

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as revitalising your beauty care regime. Whether that be as minute as adding a spritz toner at the end of your routine or changing up your entire process, choosing something that is good for your skin is important. We always recommend natural brands that celebrate your skin and our top pick is Snowberry. Snowberry skincare New Zealand is a brand that makes no compromises on the quality of the product without the addition of harsh chemicals. Snowberry NZ skincare products aren’t tested on animals and with the exception of honey and cultured pearl, contains no animal by-products. Choose from the best anti wrinkle cream NZ to night cream NZ or a best-in-class face serum to add to your routine. As founder Soraya puts it herself, it’s pure refreshment for the skin. With its carbon-neutral status, each product cares for the environment. 

anti wrinkle cream nz

5. Go Wild 

Depending on your definition of wild, we are all for whatever relaxes you. But we are here to mention all the other options out there. Self-care is so unique that there is no way to categorise and mention every single way to uplift your health and wellness. With that said, there are self-care options that don’t require extra effort that will get you revitalised. Small indulgences such as drinking herbal tea or setting a diffuser can lead to a big mood change. Alternatively, if you are one to enjoy the great outdoors, taking a drive and hiking up by yourself can be just as relaxing. Even if you’re into something as unique as horseback riding, embrace it because you are allowing yourself time to recover and recoup. If you are a horse lover and enjoy horseback riding, we recommend Gilberts Australia for all your horse riding clothes and equestrian gear. If you’re looking for gatehouse helmets or just general horse riding equipment, visit Gilberts to get your hands on quality horse riding gear


6. DIY

Last, but certainly not least, skip the purchases and indulge in some DIY self-care. Self-care is a work-in-progress activity and can include things like changing up your diet, meditating for a few minutes every day, taking a daily walk and going to bed early. These are all activities that will benefit your mental and physical health in tremendous ways and set healthy habits. You can also find a new hobby such as painting, establishing a personal routine, taking a long bath or listening to a podcast that’ll get you relaxed. 


Self-care is as unique as the person who decides to embrace it. There isn’t a fixed category of self-care routines or activities that’s right or wrong. Feel free to explore more than just one activity. If you can, indulge in an all-out retreat but if you want something a little closer to home, something as simple as finding a new recipe and making it or taking a walk can do wonders to your overall productivity.