The plethora of cafes in and around the CBD and neighbouring areas is testament to how seriously Singaporeans take their coffee and smashed avo (amongst other things, of course). The list boasts some old classics and a few new cafes in Singapore. But before we dig into the meat of it all, what goes into judging Singapore’s best cafes? 

We’ve scoured the interwebs and done our own research to score cafes according to how they live up to their own ambitions, ability to deliver top notch dishes and drinks constantly, overall ambience, price point and most importantly, just how good is their plain old no frills espresso. After all, what is the best cafe in Singapore if it couldn’t serve up a fine espresso? Say goodbye to redundant brunch near me google searches and say hello the ultimate guide to Singapore’s best cafes. This is our 2020 guide. We’re saying goodbye to a decade and hello to some old favourites and new appearances you may haven’t heard of. Sit back and enjoy our 2020 guide to the best cafes in Singapore.

The Populus: Coffee & Food Co

populus cafe singapore
Photo: The Populus Food & Coffee Co

We couldn’t really make a list of cafes with offerings of the best brunch in Singapore without mentioning Populus, could we? Sometimes boasting queues out the door, this place has got industrial charm and food to make you want to come back a second and third time around. Like your food savory? Try their signature scrambled for some seriously creamy, silky and fluffy clouds of eggs or go sweet with their buckwheat pancakes with a delightfully tangy berry compote. 

Feeling like a true millennial? Smashed avo on toast might sound too vanilla to you, but trust us when we say this simple dish will hit all the tastebuds, and then some. Albeit a little pricey, you’ll be sure to please even the toughest of critics. Not to mention, as the brainchild of the Department of Caffeine, their coffee is dark, hot and deliciously rich.

Address: 146 Neil Road, Singapore 088875

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters

pacamara coffee roasters singapore
Photo: Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters

Don’t let the white interiors and floor-to-ceiling windows fool you. This cosy cafe Singapore has to offer is a winner of location for great brunch. Your quest of where to find good coffee in Singapore will stop right here. The baristas take their job here pretty seriously and will serve you up single origin floral, nutty delicious cup of java with notes of decadent caramel. Come for the coffee but stay for the food with their diverse menu ranging from crab linguine to ricotta hotcakes.

Address: 185 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574333

Plain Vanilla Bakery

plain vanilla bakery singapore
Photo: Plain Vanilla Bakery

It’s safe to say, there’s nothing plain about Plain Vanilla. This cafe has platter upon platter of sweet indulgences but we’re here to tell you to skip all of that and get right to the gooey centre: the cupcakes. Quoting uncomplicated homemade recipes and decadent flavour toppings, you will surely be spoilt for choice. We certainly couldn’t pick a favourite but we hear the the chocolate hazelnut is a crown jewel. Get your fix and none of the regrets right here as you bite into clouds what is, quite literally, celestial glory. They also serve up coffee to pair perfectly with ‘em.

Address: 1D Yong Siak St, Singapore 168641

The Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR)

common man coffee roasters singapore
Photo: Common Man Coffee Roasters

Quite possibly the best breakfast cafe in Singapore, The Common Man serves up a mean cup of in-house brewed coffee. And while the food offerings aren’t expansive, each bite is something to rave about. CMCR’s take on breakfast classics with their own unique twist delivers like you’ve never seen before. Eggs benny with braised ox cheek? Yes, please, and watch in awe as baristas pour single origin coffee to marry the flavours of your dish. CMRC is every avid cafe goers top choice and a good breakfast place for something hearty, heavenly and hella delish.

Address: #01, 22 Martin Rd, 00, Singapore 239058

Just Want Coffee

just want coffee
Photo: Just Want Coffee

Cindy Lauper may have had us all in tune singing to her “girls just wanna have fun”, but when you want something a little tall, dark and rich, Just Want Coffee is your place to go. This place isn’t hip, doesn’t have indie vibes or the contemporary industrial minimalist ambience. But if there’s one thing they know, it’s their coffee, and they know it pretty darn well. Considered one of the lesser known spots in Singapore, this cafe serves beans from across the world. Floral? They have it. Chocolatey? That, too. How about something a little crisp? They have you covered there, as well. Over here, coffee is an art as much as it is a drink, and if you know what you like, you’ll certainly enjoy every sip of their brewed goodness. 

Pair your cuppa with their selection of cakes and savoury items for a bangin’ weekend brunch in Singapore.

Address: Everton Park, #01-27 Blk 1, Singapore 081001

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Chye Seng Huat Hardware coffee singapore
Photo: Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Nestled inside the Chye Seng Huat building, this gem of a place was opened by the same brains behind Papa Palheta. This coffee shop does things a little different and tweak their brewing process constantly. They brew to bring the seasonality of the beans out and you’ll definitely taste the exquisite craftsmanship of their process with every sip of your coffee. If you take your coffee very seriously and you know the flavours you like, the baristas here will customise it for you. You heard that right, customised coffee. Does it get any better?

Address: 150 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207563

The Coastal Settlement

coastal settlement cafe singapore
Photo: The Coastal Settlement

Transport yourself back through the vintage era with this cafe nestled in the jungles of Changi beach. It’s got all the quirky charms of an indie cafe and while we’ve given a pretty good run down of some of the best coffee shops in Singapore, the Coastal Settlement attracts regulars for their contemporary dishes with local flavour profiles. Choose between their famous thin crust pizzas or wagyu cubes and settle in for a quirky time with friends and family.

Address: 200 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508529

Sunday Folks*

sunday folks ice cream singapore
Photo: Sunday Folks

There’s always room for dessert and even more so when you’re talking about delectable soft serve ice cream. Sunday Folks serves up tantalising soft serve ice cream atop their signature square waffles. Whether it’s after lunch, dinner or even after a breakfast fix (hey, we won’t judge), look no further for your sugar rush. Get creative with toppings and throw in salted honeycomb and some homemade mochi over earl grey lavender ice cream or sea salt gula melaka. Go wacky or stay classic, you won’t go wrong.

*Sunday Folks is not your traditional coffee shop, but their ambrosial ice creams make it a must have on any cafe-style list.

Address: 44 Jln Merah Saga, #01-52 Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore 278116

Curious Palette

curious palette cafe singapore
Photo: Curious Palette

Alice wasn’t the only one chanting “curiouser, curiouser” in her wonderland. When three-time Singapore National Barista champion and ASEAN Barista champion Ryan Tran opened up Curious Palette, he definitely satiated our curiosity (and thirst) with his rotating blends of coffee and all-day breakfast and lunch menus. Considered one of the most instagrammable coffee shops and breakfast places in the area, it not only looks aesthetic, but their coffee and food taste just as delectable.

Pair up your latte with a serving of their ricotta hotcakes or a smooth long black with their silky scrambled eggs and you will walk out a very happy person. Their interior may be minimalist but their coffee is bold and their food is stellar. So, if you’re looking for some of the best brunch places in Singapore, trust us on this one.

Address: 64 Prinsep St, Singapore 188667


Forty Hands

forty hands coffee singapore
Photo: Forty Hands

From bean to cup, Forty Hands take their job very seriously. Known for outrageously good speciality coffee, the cafe also serves up Australian style brunch items all the while drawing inspiration from the roots of Singapore. Exploring the kopitiam culture of the nation, Forty Hands serves up CMRC blends all day long. Come for their extensive list of egg-based cafe menu items or their mouthwatering sandwiches (pork katsu sammy, anyone?) and sip a great brew while you enjoy your day. Better yet, avid book readers will be pleased to know that BooksActually recently relocated to the same street. We know what you’re thinking: coffee + books = couple goals.

Address: 78 Yong Siak St, #01-12, Singapore 163078

Cafes are abundant in Singapore and it can get a little overwhelming to choose your next brunch spot or caffeine fix. Whether you’re taking a date, going with family or enjoying some time with friends, we’ve made choosing your next cafe location a little easier. We know coffee is really a superpower in a mug and we’ve done the hard work so all you have to do is enjoy that cuppa with equally delicious food pairings. 

No matter if it’s sweet, savoury or something in between, venture into your own neighbourhood cafe or go sit at a completely new cafe and bask in the glory of it all because you will most certainly not leave unsatisfied. Grab a full English breakfast or go for a classic dish of eggs Benedict with a local twist while your friendly barista serves you up a mean cup of java. This guide to Singapore’s best coffee shops will not disappoint, so what are you waiting for? Grab a friend for a Saturday brunch, take a date or just go by yourself because you’ll be glad you did!