Move over chunky layers, there’s a bigger player in the market that’s here to stay: modest fashion and it’s making some serious ripples across fashion capitals world over. Spanning from London to Tokyo and now Singapore, it’s about time brands started promoting a more inclusive line of modest islamic clothing. From Nike’s Hijab sportswear line to the online marketplaces like Zalora introducing pages dedicated for modest clothing for women, it’s quick to become a top trending search term. Better yet, women are opting for trendy modest clothing not out for religion but for its incredible fashion aesthetic!

As the end of Ramadan nears, modest wear fashion labels are putting out their Eid fashion 2019 edit and including a whole array of pieces to choose from. From full flare baju kurung, hijabs and tunic sets to full length lace modest dresses and long sleeve peplum tops, celebrate Eid effortlessly.  Go for the style and none of the faux-pas with these trending Singapore modest clothing websites and labels.

raya 2019 eid modest fashion singapore
Photo: Deep Duzt

Deep Duzt started with humble beginnings to cater to the instant hijab demand and today, it’s online platform boasts beautifully embroidered scarves, blouses and bottoms. Deep Duzt isn’t trying to outnumber the big players but occupies a space for earthy-toned light and airy modest wear that will survive the hot Singapore weather. Simple and chic marries into comfort with these limited edition pieces. If you’re one for simple and chic, their 2019 Eid collection features kurung pieces with flowery embroidery you will definitely want to check out.

raya 2019 eid modest fashion singapore
Photo: Zalora

It’s no surprise that Zalora has its own page for modest wear. Being the ASOS of South East Asia, this online fashion destination has a plethora of international and local brands for modest fashion. Ranging from household labels such as Bokitta hijabs and Zalia basics, Zalora Singapore will leave give you a plethora of options to snap up and wear well after Raya 2019. Opt for a colour block dress or bring back the classics with vintage embroidery this Eid 2019. A little picky? Zalora Modest Wear has got you covered (literally) with a range of frames, cuts, lines and fabric textures. Be a style inspo this Hari Raya Puasa 2019.

raya 2019 eid modest fashion singapore
Photo: Sufyaa

Quite possibly one of the most successful modest wear fashion labels, Sufyaa hit USD $1 million in revenue just three years after its inception. If that isn’t a testament to the quality and style each piece exudes, well we’re at a loss. Being the only Singapore based Muslimah clothing brand to hit fashion shows, you know you’re in some seriously stylish hands. As such, we suggest you pause the Raya clothing hunt and browse the minimalist chic outfits for Eid this year. With bold prints, loud colours and a mix of daring frames, Sufyaa modest wear challenges the epitome of urban chic this Eid. Sufyaa caters to made-to-measure orders but her #sufyaaeid2019 collection has ready-to-wear outfits at the store. So, what are you waiting for?!

Photo: Happy Vibes

Let’s face it, you don’t need an occasion to celebrate in order to shop at Happy Vibes. But while the occasion presents itself,  celebrate the end of Ramadan 2019 with affordable modest wear pieces. Get your hands on some seriously classy pieces or opt for cheerful florals. Modern meets modest in their 2019 Eid clothes latest collection with vintage designs coupled with statement glitter pieces. Batik clothing makes a come back in their Eid collection this year and we can’t hide our excitement! Did we mention the pretty irresistible price tag on these, as well?

raya 2019 eid modest fashion singapore
Photo: Ayu Apparels

We couldn’t possibly skip over the largest Muslimah online store in our coverage of the top modest wear brands in Singapore, right? With their Aidilfitri 2019 fashion picks, choose from lace, crochet and peplum kurungs to ruffled kabayas and batik skirts. Go chic with hues of pastel pink or go bold with printed wraps and sequinned full length dresses. Not to mention, their Eid 2019 collection has some stunning pieces on sale, as well. Aside from their dedicated Aidilfitri 2019 fashion collection, the site will also have you spoilt for choice with their line of shawls, individual tops, bottoms, dresses and even outerwear. They weren’t lying when they coined the site as your one-stop shop for all Muslimah needs.

raya 2019 eid modest fashion singapore
Photo: Meem Clothings

If you’re looking to impress with minimal effort, Meem Clothings’ scarves will be your pick for the season. The husband and wife team behind the label built the brand with one goal in mind: to marry simplicity with modesty and they deliver on both accounts. Their 2019 Eid collection features the prominent trend for the season: modern batik shawls. This collection stays true to the brand’s Malay roots and features traditional Eid attire with a twist of modernity by lacing bold colours. For all our Malay readers, the collection hints at the popular ‘wanita Melayu terakhir’ vibes.

raya 2019 eid modest fashion singapore
Photo: Lully Selb

Lully Selb’s modest wear is made for those looking to step outside dainty colours and subtle design. If you’re team go big or go home, try Lully Selb first. Each piece from the brand inspires individuality and brings a new dimension to the idea of creating art with clothing. Each design on the site is hand drawn so you know you’ll be donning a one of a kind outfit this Raya 2019. They take pride in their avant-garde statement pieces and so should you. Their Eid 2019 edit features traces from their 2018 Modern Malay Woman collection. Titled as #thefuturereyaishere, the collection takes inspiration from the modern, innovative and go-getter women.

 The pieces in this collection are runway ready with designs stemming from painted foil patterns, sequins and paper cuts imprinted on shawls, modest maxi dresses, kaftans and pleated tops. If you’re on a budget, Lully Selb is celebrating their fourth birthday by putting their Modern Women collection on 40% off. Don’t worry, we couldn’t resist, either.

raya 2019 eid modest fashion singapore
Photo: Adrianna Yariqa

If you’re a minimalist, Adrianna Yariqa features pieces you won’t resist. Her designs are simple and versatile that you’ll find yourself reaching for them well beyond the 2019 Eid celebrations. Her year-round collections celebrate women’s empowerment and lady bosses but her 2019 Eid collection pays homage to her classic style of simple elegance with hints of Arabic culture woven in. Shop for the whole family (yes, kids included) with her Eid Aylebaran 2019 collection featuring pieces for men, women and kids as entire sets.


raya 2019 eid modest fashion singapore
Photo: Fashion Valet

We’ll hazard a pretty confident guess and say you won’t stop at purchasing just one outfit from FashionValet. The Malaysian based online fashion retailer carries apparel ranging from modest wear all the way to lingerie and even jewellery. Don’t let their variety exhaust you because they’ve got the FV Raya 2019 collection featuring everything you need to look fabulous Eid from head to toe (yes, really). Carefully picked kurungs and knit modest skirts are paired with statement jewellery and handbags to complete your look.

raya 2019 eid modest fashion singapore
Photo: Lulu Alhadad

Last on our list, but certainly not the least is designer wear Lulu Alhadad’s Moroccan and Arabian inspired modest wear. Refined statement pieces meet African prints with must-have essentials in any Muslimah wardrobe. From modest skirts to vests and even achoura pieces (traditional Egyptian wear), try something new this Eid 2019.

As Ramadan comes to a close with Eid al-Fitr, prayer, respect, community and reflection are the cornerstones of this month of observation. Yet, in celebration of Eid, embrace the festivities and dress the part, as well. Forget the layers, ill-fitted clothes and opt for style. Modest doesn’t mean letting go of style. Go forth and dazzle your way this Raya whether it be your baju kurung online purchase or a stylishly fitted hijab, snap up your outfits from modest clothing stores online to match every Muslimah.

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