Coworking spaces are on the rise as of late and there are good reasons as to why. Whether you opt for a private room within a co-working office or would prefer the shared desk common area instead, either way the benefits outweigh the negatives (if there even are any). Discover just a few of the many benefits that you could achieve by shifting your business activity into a shared space


Community / Networking 

Whether you are a freelancer or small business, networking can be highly beneficial no matter what field of work you operate within. A shared office enables you to connect with like-minded individuals and businesses who can provide insights and knowledge that may be of interest or use. By connecting and networking with others, it broadens your own community which has the potential to provide amazing opportunities. 



Shared workshops in Auckland have been designed in such a way to allow individuals to work in a productive and consistent manner. With thought into the lighting, temperature and design, the space has been constructed to minimise work fatigue and maximise concentration. Not only that but by surrounding yourselves with like-minded, hardworking individuals, it acts as a motivating factor in wanting to achieve success. 


Diverse Ideas

As you will be able to connect with people from all different experiences and work environments / industries, you will be able to start to think like others too. This is extremely beneficial for digital marketers as you will be able to be more constructive and detailed in terms of segmenting audiences as you will know first hand how others think and interact. Think about it as a work learning experience!


Cost Efficient 

Working from home can be a bore and quite difficult in the fact that you often cannot divide your work and life commitments and find that balance between the two. This is why co-working offices are ideal, especially if you are a freelancer, as you can set up your own formal work routine and create some structure within your life. The only downside for freelancers and small businesses is that to rent an office can be very expensive as there are quite a number of overhead costs and risks. Co-working spaces Auckland are very reasonable and eliminates all of those risky costs. With all of the right facilities, all you really need to bring is yourself and your laptop (forget the need for furniture, lighting, electricity… the list goes on). 


Located within Auckland and want to take the leap and move into a shared office (trust us, it will be worth it)? Reach out to The Workshop, Auckland’s leading shared office space in Ponsonby. Be a part of something bigger and make the move today!