It’s an exciting time: You are finally ready to set up your first home office space. Your entrepreneurial endeavours have allowed you to snag some funding to transform a room into an efficient workspace. All the Pinterest boards you’ve saved can finally come to life. Whether that’s the fresh vase of flowers on the table or the funky bookend and faux-fur rug, you can finally realise the space. 

As with most things that require some degree of planning, you’ll rack up a lot of behind the scenes work to ideate the space. It might be a tad less exciting than going rug shopping, but laying a comprehensive planning stage can help you turn a room into a highly functional and effective workspace (and we all know what that means: $$). 

In order to ensure that the set up remains as seamless as possible, we’ve put together a comprehensive checklist on setting up your first home office space with minimal waiting period so you can get back to the #BossLife. 

1. Make a list of everything you need to be able to run your business during the move

Like it or not, your move will take some time and depending on how much work you need to put into making a space work-friendly, the in-between time can vary from a couple of weeks to a few months. Unfortunately, you can’t put your business on pause while you set up camp, so, it’s imperative to be able to function on a mobile workspace. As such, make a note of everything you need to be able to operate your business. Items can include software and hardware (laptop), phone connection, connecting WiFi and obvious essentials like a desk and chair. 

2. Find a dedicated space for your office

Many factors aggregate into setting up a dedicated office space at home. For instance, if you run a business that requires continuous face-to-face interactions with people in your office, it would be more appropriate to choose an office space closer to the front entrance of your home. Alternatively, a room with a door secluded from common areas might be best suited if you are required to make a lot of calls and set up conferences due to noise filtering. 

3. Ideate the blueprint: hardware to power protection

Once you have narrowed down your room, it’s first important to take a look at the hardware required. Measuring out desk and filing space is important, but other factors such as wiring and cabling is a cardinal requirement to consider. If your business requires heavy use of electrical equipment, consider arranging a power quality audit. Even if your home office only has an air-conditioning system, a computer or other white goods, a power quality audit can help to check the reliability and efficiency of your equipment. Protect yourself against unexpected power surges or outages that could leave your unsaved work lost. Get the assistance of a ups specialist and install power protection into your office. Northern Lights Data is New Zealand’s data and power protection specialists. Call them for an audit today and see how you can protect your home office equipment. 

4. Lighting Options: LED Lighting installation Auckland for your home office

A sine qua non in designing your home office is thinking about lighting: both natural and added direct lighting. Try to find a space that will provide as much natural lighting as possible. Studies have shown that it improves your mood and productivity. Even if your office space has a stellar capacity to bring in natural light, also consider direct lighting. Start off with overhead lighting around the space and then move on to task-specific lighting such as a desk lamp or focus lights near concentration areas. 

When considering your lighting options, an LED lighting system is highly favourable. With LED light costs falling and the technology scaling, investing in smart lighting will be hugely beneficial. If you’re looking for LED lighting installation Auckland, give the experts at Northern Lights a buzz. They will provide a competitive quote and servicing that extends far beyond the installation, as well. As leading residential electricians Auckland, they can help you get set up for the perfect home office system. 

5. Comfort Factors

All the Pinterest boards you have on designing the perfect home office is redundant if you don’t incorporate all the comfort into the space. That doesn’t mean you should go ahead and install a bed into the room, but considering factors that optimise your comfort and productivity is vital. A comfortable chair, desk height and even investing in a laptop stand that puts your screen in line with your eyesight are all oversights you shouldn’t miss. Underfloor heating is an additional level of comfort for the cold months and to ensure optimal working temperature. It’s a cost-friendly alternative to traditional heating methods such as a radiator or a heating system. If you’re interested, the experts at Northern Lights can assess the space and give an affordable quote. Give the underfloor heating Auckland professionals a call and set up a quote today. 

6. Invest in the right office equipment

It might be tempting to opt for inexpensive office furniture but trust us when we say that investment in sturdy equipment will be well worth the price. Your home office is where you will spend a significant amount of time and you’ll want all the items to have longevity in their uses. We won’t lie, it’s tempting to splurge on that Pinterest-envy faux-fur rug and the rose gold lamp that will offset the colour scheme of your office. But, make sure you don’t skimp on the essentials such as a sturdy work station, a comfortable chair and other job-specific equipment. 

7. Decorate

Although we just mentioned the importance of investing in office essentials, if you have some extra cushioning, it doesn’t hurt to spend on some aesthetic decoration. Whether that be a sleek rug or a decorative mantel, adding a touch of your personality will definitely spice up the space. Natural flowers are always a good addition to not only add a pop of colour but also freshen the air. If you’re in the market for corporate flowers or anything to brighten up your space, the Botanist can help you. With their Auckland flower delivery option, choose the flowers you like and have them sent to your doorstep ready to be spruced up in your home office. 

8. Separate home and office 

Although you’re setting up a home office to separate your work from home life, it is important to actually implement that. Just because you are setting up a home office does not always imply you can separate the time. To keep things as efficient as possible, keep your mail, records and even cheques separate to your personal ones. If needed, install a home phone, as well. The more separation you can add, the greater your productivity and efficiency. This can extend to creating office hours. It’s tempting to head to work later in the day because you’re just a room away and by the same token, burn the midnight oil finishing work. As you would with an external office, keep strict business hours that make working easier for you and others you have to work with outside your business. This helps minimise distractions, avoid missed calls from your clients, potential drop-ins and meetings. 

9. Talent STEM recruitment

Your one-man/woman endeavours may have left you with needing more assistance. Just because you have a home office doesn’t mean it can’t occupy space for another employee. If you think you will recruit in the near future, even if it’s only a possibility, plan that into your home office design. This can help you avoid another round of adjusting and refurbishing. If you know you’ll need to hire sometime soon, workforce specialist, AI Group Talent Solutions can help you. AI Group Talent Solutions is a STEM recruitment agency specialising in helping you find best-in-class talent in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Give them a call to connect your business to the best talent in Australia. 

10. Corporate Apparel

Although this may not be considered essential during your home office set up, corporate branded items can be a unique touch to your office stationery. Whether that is a personalised mug, company branded pens or custom logo items, company branded promotional items, it makes your business visible. You can even add your logo on to other promotional products to give to your clients as a token of appreciation.

11. Consider co-working spaces

The set-up process can be laborious and can impact the productivity of your business. To continue a business-as-usual environment, enquire about co-working companies. The Workshop is a leading co working space Auckland. With a fully equipped shared space, have your entire working station in one place. Whether you want a meeting room Auckland to meet with your clients or a quiet co-working office, The Workshop is your ideal choice. 

Setting up your home office is an exciting milestone for your business and one you should celebrate. However, it’s important to look into different factors such as lighting to considering a shared workspace during your set up. Make sure the process is as efficient as possible by hiring expert help.