Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, there’s always a way to optimise your daily workflow. No two people work the same, whether that be the tools they use or the environment which they work in. 

Let’s not avoid the obvious: it’s hard work to be productive throughout the entire day. But in saying that, it’s not impossible. The key to an efficient workflow is a two-fold strategy: understanding the most efficient working environment for you and figuring out the best way to distribute your work. For instance, you could be coming up with brilliant ideas on how to capture greater conversions but if you’re too busy setting up campaign ads, that’s time taken away from optimising your productivity. 

With that being said, here are some tips to elevate your working environment to produce some stellar work. Additionally, we’ve listed some best-practice tips in evaluating when you should outsource your work or when you should take the ball and run with it to level up your business. After all, it’s the small things you do that can produce massive impacts on your daily work life. 

1. Open up your work culture with a co-working office

Work culture is a vital component of an efficient workforce. Fostering a comfortable and open workplace culture can add value to the workflow of every single team member. The best way to open up your work culture is by moving your business into a shared office. Shared workshops are a great way to network with like-minded, driven individuals. Not only that, but co-working spaces are designed in such a way to increase productivity due to the layout of the space and with the fact that you will be surrounded by people who want you to achieve success. An added bonus that generally comes alongside shared offices is the fact that they are extremely cost efficient for the business. To rent an office there are a lot of added costs (electricity, rent, etc.) whereas by renting a permanent desk or ‘hot desking’, the costs are minimal, removing that added stress of finances.

Make the move today into a shared office, you won’t regret it. Are you located within New Zealand? Have a look at a shared office space in Ponsonby, The Workshop. Be a part of something bigger and find your tribe at The Workshop.

2. Get your Marketing Spot On With a Leading Melbourne SEO Agency

Customers want value and the speed at which you can deliver that value can equal the money they are willing to pay for. Given today’s saturated markets, delivering high calibre value at optimal speed can be the difference between you and your competitor. If you feel like your delivery is as optimal as it can be, think again. Because there’s always a way to optimise it. The most effective way of improving your delivery rate is deciding what work can be internally completed and tasks that should be outsourced to external talent. 

For instance, it’s safe to say that marketing a business is a non-negotiable requirement across industries, regardless of whether you are a B2B or a B2C organisation. Most established businesses have an in-house marketing team, but if you don’t have a dedicated team to optimise your marketing, you might be spending precious hours trying to learn what works for your audience. In instances such as this, leave the hard work to the people who know how best to get at your audience. Hiring the help of a digital marketing agency Australia can go a long way in seeing scalable growth because it puts your name out there. Through owned, earned and paid media, an honest hardworking Melbourne SEO company can have you ranking on the first page of search engine results page. If you’re in the same boat and looking to optimise your digital marketing strategy and in the hunt for Melbourne SEO services, contact Digital Squad Australia, a leading digital marketing agency

3. Put your Financials & Data in order with a Contract CFO

What’s more valuable than money? Data. However, it’s not just the data, it’s about what you to do with it and how you can leverage the power of invaluable numbers. No matter what sector you’re in, healthcare to charity work, and regardless of whether you’re a new or established business, data is your best bet at figuring out what works and what doesn’t. It underpins and dictates the direction of work for continued success. 

It’s no easy task to sift through a plethora of data. Better yet, how you put it together to make sense of it. Consumers change every day, so even established businesses aren’t excused from using data to their benefit. With that said, outsourcing finance Auckland can help you tremendously. If you don’t have a dedicated team for analytics and don’t have the overhead to recruit a permanent team member, contracting your requirements can make a difference. The team at Beyond Financials provides leading CFO services and business analysis. So, if you’re stuck for time (and money), let Beyond Financials help you by providing you with a virtual financial specialist or a business data analyst. 

4. Improve your work environment

The actual physical space you occupy is vital in optimising for a productive way day. That can be lighting, temperature control and overall ambience and design. This may seem like an oversight, but the environment plays a key factor in the overall satisfaction of your team. Ensure that your office has ample natural light and strategically placed focus lights such as desk lamps. Additionally, decor matters, too. Whether that be flowers or furniture, it can create an inviting atmosphere. Out of all environmental factors, temperature control ranks high in importance. If you’re suffering from poor temperature control, get the help of air conditioning and Auckland heat pump specialists, Ben’s Refrigeration. If you’re looking to upgrade your commercial air conditioning Auckland or heat pump installation Auckland, Ben’s Refrigeration can help you get set up in no time at affordable prices. 

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5. Rethinking your work/life balance

Yes, you may have heard this countless times and then some. But there’s a reason why it’s been repeated like a mantra and this is especially important for entrepreneurs and businesses with a small working team. Unlike established businesses, startups and smaller organisations don’t always have the capacity or the capital to exercise work distribution. This often means that team members can be stretched too thin. Even if you’re a one-man/woman business, take the time to extract yourself from work and enjoy life. Be committed to keeping your business life from spilling into personal time, whether that be time spent with yourself or others. This can be a refreshing change that can feed into a greater level of productivity. 

6. Moving? Don’t leave anything to chance

Business relocation happens as often as you can blink and ensuring that you have covered your bases will save you from headaches in the future. Although this may not apply to your daily workflow or work life, making sure that you have taken every single step from specialist land advice to surveys is vital to continue business-as-usual. You wouldn’t want any fencing errors or neighbour encroaching problems in the middle of your workday. With that said, if you’re relocating, hire the help of expert land surveys who can provide professional advice, spatial data and survey requirements. Linear Land Surveying can help you get any land development off the ground. If you’re looking for a quality Melbourne land surveyor on any service such as a re establishment survey, a feature survey or even advice on a land subdivision process, give the team at Linear Land Surveying a call. 

Small changes can add up to massive changes in your daily work life. Maximising your efforts and knowing when to outsource your work will have you reaping benefits in the short and long run. As they say, it’s about working smarter, not just harder.